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Wow! Can you believe that roofing inspections can take 45 minutes to an hour? What if we told you drones can take 20 minutes and provide you with extensive data on the condition of your roof? Drones are transforming the roofing industry, by doing the inspection work with less liability and with honest results.

At Ground pilot services we charge very minimal to do roof inspections for our clients. According to an article published on September 2018 by propertycasualty360. The author states that “Several areas of concern in the roofing industry have resulted in a negative reputation for many companies and the industry at large. With high costs for repairs, inaccurate and dangerous inspection methods, and a lack of preventative maintenance, traditional ways of doing business often do not make the customer’s best interests a priority. However, a new breed of roofers is using drone technology to build greater trust and provide more value to customers” (1). Drones are becoming very popular in all industries why not start using them now? Ground Pilot Services is the perfect drone company for your needs. We are doing extensive research into the roofing industry and are taking our first steps in becoming the premier drone inspection company in the roofing market.

Today’s drones can make roof assessments quickly and accurately, they can provide real-time data and extensive details. The drones we use ultimately eliminate human error, including bias from an adjuster or inspector, delivering a more transparent and comprehensive analysis of roof conditions with the highest accuracy possible. This approach to inspections puts the customer first with trustworthy information and reliable reports, which leads to a much higher degree of assurance when making decision and addressing repairs.

Not only do drones offer reliable services but they could enable preventative maintenance and pre-loss inspections. Drone are a quick, easy, and a cost effective way to view your roof. Our services are quick and easy to use, and we are doing extensive research into flying over roofs with thermal capabilities that can identify issues not easily seen, such as water that has penetrated the roof, before they become major problems for property owners. Drones can also provide low insurance costs by increasing home value based on accurate conditions.

In addition to being reliable and quick, drones are significantly more safe. By using our drone service, your company will no longer have to rely on workers climbing roofs and possibly getting hurt. Instead our drone pilots can deploy drones from the ground and, within minutes, have all the information they need to evaluate conditions based on the data gathered from the drone’s flight.

So why hire Ground Pilot Services? We are insured, we have FAA Licensed pilots, we have competitive pricing, and our service is professional and reliable. Our company is making an entry into the roofing industry and would love to partner with your company now. Please contact us via the contact page on our website!


Stump, Nathan. “How Drones Are Transforming the Roofing Industry.” PropertyCasualty360, 21 Sept. 2018,

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